Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Charmglow Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Grill

After returning our horrible Thermos gas grill earlier today, we wound up at Home Depot, purchasing a Charmglow gas grill.

While assembling this grill, we found it was made of much higher quality materials, and the instructions were much clearer. And - oh yeah - all of the holes lined up so that we could fit all of the pieces together. We actually got to test fire this puppy, as opposed to the Thermos grill that we couldn't even assemble.

This Charmglow grill has two smaller chambers, instead of the one large grilling chamber most gas grills feature. This allows us to heat only one side of the grill while saving gas because we are not throwing half of the heat away in to an unheated, open space. It also has a side burner, so we can cook beans or corn on the cob outside without heating up the house.

Excuse me, I'm making myself drool, so I need to go buy something to grill.

Edit: Oh yes, I forgot to mention, this was originally $300, but we got it on an "End of Summer" sale, so we paid $200. Take that, crappy Thermos grill! (Which is made, by the way, by Char-broil.)

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