Friday, August 17, 2007

Recovery: Day 2

It's just about 48 hours since I had my LASIK surgery. I can't see very well today, so I've been "watching" some movies and playing some World of Blurcraft. I tried playing some Ghost Recon 2, but I can't really discern bad guys from bushes, so I keep getting shot by shrubbery while blasting some mean looking road signs.

No real pain, but my eyes do feel bruised, like I got popped one. (Or two, rather...) I'm getting kind of tired of putting eye drops in.

I am still attempting some work, however. Why? Because I am bored, I need to keep busy. Logitech is going to be sending me a new mouse to review, and I'm slowly banging out my reviews for the Razer Tarantula and Copperhead, as well as Evoluent's Vertical Mouse.

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