Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spread the "Global Warming", we'd like some please.

I mean, seriously. Everybody is so concerned with this THEORY that has yet to be proven, and look at us up here in the Atlantic Northeast! It's friggin' in the 60s here! I saw a projected temperature map on the news yesterday while I was waiting for my surgery. The entire North American continent, we're talking Canada, Mexico, and the USA here, is going to be in the 90s to 100s all weekend, except up here in the New England states. No, we are going to be enjoying wearing sweaters due to the highs being in the 60s.

About face! In other news today, I am swinging wildly between "Holy $#!^, I can see!" and "Who is that blob talking on the TV?" I guess that is the expected condition the day after LASIK surgery, but man it's annoying. Oh well, in a few more days I should have some pretty good vision. I don't know though, I am getting pretty attached to my goggles. I might have to search out some new ones so I can have multiple pairs to wear.

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13 said...

i think you should wear those when we play out, if we ever play out - joe-