Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fired for Blogging?

I just read a story about a 23 year old woman fired by Nintendo for blogging. She had blog entries about work, but she did not mention her specific company, and changed the names of the people she was writing about. Apparently her boss recognized her from her picture.

I have one word for you: Sue.

Freedom of Speech apparently does not protect you from your employers whims, but if you do not mention their name, change or do not mention co-worker names, and generally avoid giving away who you really work for, you can probably sue them for firing you for it.

Then again, some people post racy pictures of themselves in company uniforms aboard company transportation and wonder why they got fired. That's just ignorant. If you took a Poloroid of yourself peeing on the boss's chair and stuck it in the breakroom, wouldn't you expect to get fired? This is like stealing a car and posting a video of the theft on YouTube. Duh.

I complain about my day job here quite often. I don't mention names, I never mention who I work for. I'm sure someone could figure it out by doing a little research, but it's not obvious. If I were to get fired for posting about the insane way this company is run, you bet your sweet ass I would sue the everloving s**t out of them for it.

Or burn the place down. It depends on how nuts they've made me on any given day.

Authors note: Threats of physical violence, arson, or other questionable activities are intended as humorous commentary. At no point in time did the author actually intend to carry out such activities or mean them to be taken for threats, real or imagined.
(i.e. Get a sense of humor, d**kwads...)

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