Friday, October 5, 2007

Funny Work Stories: The Return of the Back Gate!

Long story short, I got an email at work today admonishing me for leaving the back gate open during the lightning storm last week. Apparently since I chose to write back to the first email explaining that I wasn't about to stand in the lightning storm and close the big metal gate, they chose to rip on me instead of understanding. I was told I need to follow procedure.

What f**king procedure? We have no procedure. You morons make this s**t up as you go along. How am I supposed to know what the procedure is when there isn't one until you decide that I'm not following it and need to be reprimanded?

So, I asked my supervisor. Apparently I was supposed to know that I needed to call a supervisor about the back gate. I advised him that I didn't think it was such an all important function of my job, but now that I know that they feel so strongly about it, I would be sure to call before leaving it open again. I also told him that in the future, letting me know ahead of time about "procedures" would avoid this type of headache for both of us.

He replies "I would have thought it was common sense."

Common sense? COMMON SENSE?!?!? You *string of expletives deleted*, common sense would have been you saw the fence was open, you realized that there was a huge storm, and you went on with your f**king life! Your "procedure" is going to arrive at the same f**king result with about 15 more steps, since regardless of what they say to me, I'm not closing that f**king gate in a lightning storm!

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