Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Strange Commentary

Most of the time, people in the forums at MMORPG.com leave two types of feedback about a hardware review:
1 - They agree; or
2 - They don't agree.

Either side of the "argument" has its share of intelligent comments and... not so intelligent comments.

For my G9 review, user PaulScott decided to buck the trend and post something that fits in an entirely different category. One I like to call WTF?

it's just a mouse.
you need a REALLY big ego to have a mouse like this.

I'm sorry, what exactly are you trying to say?
PaulScott later "clarifies" his position:

don't bother bringing a fancy mouse to work it's something they use to test
the size of your ego. for each button beyond two your ego is double the
size. and yes managers do pay attention to that.

Again: What? What are you talking about?

Checking PaulScott's profile, I find he claims to be 19. That would certainly fit in with his wacky theory that managers check your mouse button count. Maybe you work in a very strange office, though. Maybe you can quantify peoples egos with mouse button counts.

Or maybe your just f**king weird.

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