Friday, January 16, 2009

Bye bye, Circuit Shitty


Aw, I'm really sad to see them go, there's an ache in my chest.

No, wait, that was just a gas bubble.

I think we're seeing the natural downfall of an industry that was built on screwing the consumer. With the general public becoming more aware of online shopping, people started to realize that the giant retailers were inflating prices to inflate their profits.

Just last week I needed a simple DVD burner with a SATA interface. I needed it quick, and we don't really have much of a choice in my area as far as electronic stores, so I reluctantly stopped by Circuit City. An IDE drive was going for $90, and they didn't even have the SATA interface I needed. Considering that has a name brand SATA DVD burner for $23, I laughed and walked out.

Now, I realize that CC has to inflate the price a bit to pay for overhead and employees, but that is just a ridiculously overpriced item. Add years of underpricing items that really did cost more - DVDs and CDs -, completely shitty customer service, and you get the formula for eventual retail extinction.

Well played, Circuit City. Well played. Up next: Worst Buy.


Niki Alvey said...

We *HATE* Circuit City too. Not sad to see it go either.

What is a Twizzot? said...

The internet is killing all those jobs in the retail industry though! Where are lazy people such as myself supposed to work when all the stores close down because of online shopping!

Circuit City does suck though, I have yet to have a pleasant shopping experience there. The employees are nasty and not at all knowledgeable, the prices are high, the selection is pathetic, etc.