Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From the Who Cares files

A STORY about a dumbass lady who was making $80k a year, but then quit her job - in the middle of a recession - to go to law school, quit law school because she decided it "wasn't for her", and now can't find a job. Actually, she has a contract job making over $20k a year, but it's not enough for her.

Who cares? There are tons of people who are making nothing who would kill for $20k a year. Whose fault it is that you don't have an $80K year job anymore? Oh yeah, yours. Suck it up sweetie, nobody feels sorry for your dumb ass but you.

Also hidden at the bottom of the article, the story of a man who quit his job to go into real estate full time - at a time when it's pretty universally agreed the real estate game is radically changing with the help of the Internet, and real estate agents are rapidly becoming obsolete, just like travel agents - and now has to *gasp* work another job because real estate wasn't paying the bills!

Oh the shock and horror! Oh, wait. It's gone. Whew. For a minute there, I almost cared.

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