Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Pointless: Going to work when you are sick, because you've already taken two days off and you don't get paid for sick days because you are a lowly contract employee so you can't afford to take anymore days off. Did I mention that the day that you go back to work it's really snowy and icy out and you couldn't have picked a worse day to travel? So you get to work and lo and behold, all of your appointments for the day have canceled because they're sure as hell not driving in this shit. They're all either taking a sick day or working from home. But you can't work from home because you're a contract employee. (Because we all know that the "real" employees equate working from home with having their pager or Blackberry next to them as they watch TV all day...)

Some days it really is just not worth getting out of bed.

Edited, because, I, am, comma, crazy, today.

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