Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gunbroker seller barrett507897 = F

I would stay away from this guy. I tried to buy some 5.7 ammo from him, but never heard from him when the auction ended. I sent 2 questions through Gunbroker, and then has Gunbroker attempt to contact him, with no response.

After 10 days (Seller is supposed to contact buyer within 5) I left negative feedback. After 13 days, the seller sent me the following email. I included my replies as well.

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 9:38 PM, Steve Tatgenhorst wrote:

Dude, what are you doing rating my feedback as F.

F = No response from seller in regards to questions or completed auctions, hence the F.

I have never received an email from you.

You should have received 2 questions from the auction. They were submitted through Gunbroker, asking how much the total was with shipping. You also should have received an email from Gunbroker asking you to send me the total after I asked them to contact you.

I dont have any idea who you are.

Which is odd, since your next sentence indicates that you know that I am the guy who tried to purchase ammo from you.

The ammo you purchased has been sitting in my safe for a couple of weeks.

I have not received any communication from you. I looked at all my emails and I have nothing from you.

Look again, I assure you they were sent through Gunbroker.

How dare you do that.

How dare I use the system as it was designed? If you had done your part (As noted in the auction and on the Gunbroker rules, it is the sellers duty to contact the buyer with 5 days. When did the auction end? January 7th. When did you first send me anything? January 20th. 13 days.) I wouldn't have had to leave negative feedback.

That is very immature and I will be contacting Gunbroker to get the feedback removed. You will see, you cant rate somebody like that just because you want to. I also will be leaving a rebuttle and once I do, it will look like you are a trouble maker and no one will want to do business with you. I am a very respected member of gunbroker and I dont screw anyone.

Seems to me like you are screwing me. Don't worry, I already contacted Gunbroker, and I'll be sure to post this up on the major Firearm forums so that people can see just how you attempted to manipulate your feedback and blackmail me into changing it.

Please let me know if you are going to edit your feedback and also let me know if you want the ammo. If not, I will relist it. Thanks, Steve

Yeah, based on your attitude and the fact that you failed on just about every level of customer service imaginable, I'll take a pass on that ammo, Steve.

If I seem sarcastic and annoyed, well, it's because I was annoyed. That's how you treat a customer who has an issue with you? Nice. I notice others also complain about his communication in his feedback, but they all rated him an A. Feedback means nothing if sellers can blackmail you into leaving them positive feedback.


What is a Twizzot? said...

Best word to start out an email to someone you are doing business with? DUDE!! I mean, really?

Jeremy Star said...

Yeah, that's what Ali said too. Hehe. I was more pissed about his overall attitude. The customer is an inconvenience!

BuckStopsHere said...

If you want to see the true Steve Tatgenhorst, go to this web blog.


Not only is he providing you with a less than ethical business model, Check out how he has taken advantage of many others in his other business model.

He is a storm chaser who does not pay his contractors and takes money from his customers without providing the agreed upon services.

You make up your own mind. We report You decide!!!

Have a great day. I think he has closed this account on Gun Broker.