Sunday, January 18, 2009

War by commitee

I was watching a CNN broadcast this morning, and it made me laugh. Kenneth Roth, of the Human Rights Watch, was complaining that Israel was using "inappropriate weapons" in Gaza. He says Israel did not ask for permission to use the white phosphor flares and 155mm shells that it is using, and that his group and others were not allowed to determine which weapons Israel should be using.

Well, dumbass, that's because war by committee doesn't fucking work. The US has proven that over and over by losing wars in the past century. Vietnam and the current Iraq war - which we claim to have won, but are still taking daily casualties in - among others. When you're so hampered by red tape and bleeding hearts, you can't do what is necessary to win.

Ken goes on to complain that the shells and phosphor are causing civilian casualties. Well, duh. Civilians were warned that Israel wasn't going to take the Hamas rockets lightly, and that they should leave the war zones until the conflict is resolved. They chose to ignore those warning, and now they are paying the price. It's very similar to the Gulf Coast during hurricane Katrina. People were warned to leave, and they chose to ignore those warnings. Then they cried and cried that they were injured and that bad things were happening to them. Personal responsibility, folks.

Ken also is complaining that Israel won't let human rights groups and others into the war zone. Again, fucking duh. Israel doesn't want to injure civilians. They can't force the morons on the other side to evacuate, but they can keep other morons from going in there and getting killed. Ken happens to think this means they are trying to hide atrocities, but I happen to think Ken is a supreme douche who probably can't look out for his own welfare, and definitely shouldn't be trying to look out for others.

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What is a Twizzot? said...

War by committee, we can thank the press for that. The US government can no longer "do what needs to be done" to win any type of conflict. The way the various news agencies spin things makes that impossible. Can you imagine if the good old US of A dropped an atomic bomb on a nation in present day? The fallout (oh man, I am sick) would be immense!