Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day Break Finale

Spoiler Warning! If you read this and complain that I ruined the show for you, you're an idiot.

Watched the series finale of Day Break finally. All I can say was that it was excellent. They tied up just enough loose ends to make it satisfying, but they left a lot unanswered, so I didn't feel spoon fed.

Lots of people are complaining that they didn't explain why the day was looping for Hopper, but I think that is fine. It was a plot device, the driving force behind the show. Anything they used to explain it could have turned out hokey and ruined things, so it was better left unexplained. Personally, I think it was Jared. Why else would they show him at the very end of the series, with an expression that said he knew everything?

Whatever the reason for the looping, it gave us a great show. I only wish that Diggs hadn't gone on the that stupid medical show spin-off so that there could be a second season. Who knows, though. Maybe a second season could involve other characters, and Taye Diggs could guest star in one or two? I'd love to see Adam Baldwin as the main character.

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