Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr. Beer! Mr. Beer!

So, I bottled up my first batch of home-made beer today! It's an Oktoberfest Lager that I darkened a bit by using a good amount of brown sugar. Of course I taste-tested it while I was filling up the bottles, and it actually tastes pretty damn good, even without the carbonation or the final conditioning phase.

I threw it all in some 22oz glass bottles, capped them off, put them in a case (in case some of them explode), and stored them in my second basement so they can carbonate.

Now I'm already working on my second batch of beer. It's a Canadian Draft brew mix, but it's getting darkened up by the addition of blueberries! It also has a cup of honey. This beer actually smelled good while I was brewing it. (My first beer smelled like rotting socks...) I can't wait until this ferments and is ready to bottle, although this is going to take considerably longer than the last batch.

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