Friday, May 25, 2007


The dishwasher is now in. It took two visits from the installer. The first visit, he came, he saw, he installed. He claimed it was working with no leaks. Well, good.

Uh, no. The first time I used it, it rained in the basement again. I paid you $117 for that? I could have done that for free! In fact, I already did! So, he came back. Now the dishwasher works without flooding my poor cat out of her bed.

I just wanted to share a rather amusing call from a customer. This call is on par with with the lady who was pissed about the missing "any" key.

A man calls because his system shows an order that he can't get it to fill. After a few minutes of trouble shooting, I asked him to compare the product number of the order with the product assigned to our system. The numbers aren't even close.
Man - "Well, this is the old number for the old product, we updated the number today to the new number."
Me - " Ok, let's cancel this order."
Man - "No, I want it to count."
Me - "It can't count an order for the old number using the new number, it's a safety feature."
Man - "Make it count this order for the old number then!"
Me - "Ok, do you have any of the old number we can reassign to the system so this order can count?"
Man - "No, I'm out of stock."
Me - "So, you want me to make the system count an order for a product you don't even have?"
Man - "Yes."
Me - "Sir, I can't make the system count out an order for something you don't have for it to count in the first place."
Man gets pissed and hangs up.

Honestly, my wife's houseplants are smarter than this guy.

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