Monday, May 21, 2007

Games for Windows - LIVE - support

Or rather, lack thereof. My wife found me a copy of Halo 2 for Vista today at Circuit City. I guess they released it early. Anyway, I couldn't sign in to GFWL, so after trying all of their troubleshooting steps online, I called the 800 they give for more info.

The 800 number is the same number for Xbox Live. In fact, it's really only a number for Xbox LIVE, since after being transferred 3 times, I never spoke with someone who knew anything about Games for Windows - LIVE. Shit, I never really even spoke to anybody who was fluent in English. After the third Indian person told me it was probably a problem with my PC and that I should contact the manufacturer, I hung up on them.

Whoever is in charge of this massive f**k-up needs to fix it. You're rolling out a product that you don't even have support for. On top of that, the people who support Xbox LIVE don't speak English. Well, they speak it - poorly- but they don't really understand it. With all of the money Microsoft makes, you'd think they could splurge for native English speakers for their support departments.

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