Sunday, August 5, 2007

Complaining about the WoW expansion already...

My wife and I are moving our characters in World of Warcraft. The server I started on years ago, Mannoroth, consists of mostly post-level 60 characters, and it's incredibly hard to ind people with lower level characters to do any Azeroth instances with. Evereyone, it seems, is in Outland.

So, we are moving to a newer server, where not everyone is tired of the old instances, and where we hope to make a new home. Hell, this server hasn't even unlocked An'Quiraj yet, so we're looking forward to helping with that again. (Our old server was the second server in the world to unlock it, and the first PVP server to do so.)

Anyway, choosing which server to move to prompted me to visit the WoW forums to find out about our choices. I almost never visit those forums, because they exhibit very little intelligent debate, if any. Unsurprisingly, there is now a ton of unintelligent bitching going on about the new expansion.

It seems the main complaint is that with a new expansion, the stuff from The Burning Crusade will be obsolete. Also, people are complaining that there will now be another 10 levels to go through. I've got news for you people, if you don't like collecting new gear and leveling up, you're playing the wrong genre of games. Come on, did you really think that there would never be more stuff to do or more things to collect? Wouldn't the game get really boring after a while if you reached the highest point, had all the best stuff, and there was nothing new to aspire to?

Also, you people need to stop pretending to be surprised by this news. Blizzard announced early this year that they intended to keep doing expansions, and that they wanted to do two a year starting in 2008. Have we forgotten this already? Have you ever heard of Everquest? Do you know how many expansions that game has? Why would you think that WoW would go a different route?

For those of you threatening to quit over an expansion that is at least four months away: Please do. At the very least it will raise the mean IQ score of the remaining population.

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