Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to write a nasty letter

My wife was attempting a stern letter to our contractors that was not so stern.
I decided I would write them a nice letter instead.


This is Mr. Star. I was informed by Mr. ****** yesterday (08/06/07) that work would be completed either yesterday or today.
I understand things come up and oftentimes it is necessary to reschedule due to emergencies or whatnot. I can accept that.
I cannot accept a total lack of communication. Phone calls not being returned. Days wasted waiting for workers we were told would show up who never did. That is a ridiculous way to run a business.

On top of that, my wife was informed when we had our estimate done that the refuse would be loaded on to a dump truck or dumpster and carted away. Nobody mentioned leaving a stinking pile of garbage on our front porch for days.

Also, the attic was cleaned and new insulation was put in place, but no work was done to insure that squirrels would no longer enter the premises. Essentially what we have done up to this point is provide the squirrels with fresh bedding and a clean environment to defecate in. Had this been my intention, I would have purchased hay for them and saved myself thousands of dollars.

List of things that remain to be done:
Scrap wood removed from access hole in to the soffit area.
HVAC hose from bathroom vent run to soffit area.
Replacement/repair of damaged soffit area.
Replacement/repair of dormer area.
Strengthening of entire soffit perimeter
Strengthening of entire dormer perimeter

List of questions we have:
Water damage mentioned in conversation between employees - does water damage exist?
Can the hole that the vent-pipe runs out through the ceiling be water-proofed?

Obviously, I am not a happy customer. We would like to have this done and over with so that we can move on to other things that require our attention.

Thank you,

Mr. Star

It remains to be seen if they will even respond to this. I figure we don't have much to lose, since we never signed a contract (they keep putting that off), they never took a deposit, and they don't return phone calls.

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