Monday, August 6, 2007

Within Temptation

I keep hearing people complaining that there aren't any other bands out there playing the style of music Evanescence is famous for. Personally, I liked their first album, but this new album does nothing for me. (Probably due to the parting of ways with songwriter Ben Moody.)

However, there are always alternatives, you just have to leave the safe comfort of American Radio Land and enter the land of the truly free: International music.

For instance, the band Within Temptation - from Holland - is a gothic metal band, like Evanescence. Unlike Evanescence, they have more than one good album under their belts. Hell, they even have an American release now. (The newest album, The Heart of Everything.)

Check them out!

Also, a brief plug for my favorite music shop: The Laser's Edge. Ken has almost everything you could want in terms of metal and progressive music, and he's cheap, too!

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